Ajiri HR software for employee records, leave management in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kenya

Easy to use HR software for your business

Ajiri is a simple, intuitive HR software that focuses on creating a better workplace for you by getting things done quickly and easily.

Keep up to date employee info in one place

Manage employee personal and professional information
Ajiri gets employee addresses, job role, emergency contacts, bank info and other data into a single secure location where you can view easily and notifies you when any of it is updated.
Up to date employee records in place, nairobi, kenya, mombasa
accurate, transparent leave management hr software for nairobi, mombasa

Track Time Off and Leave days

Improve how your company tracks time off and vacation
Once you’ve set up how your company handles, time off, vacations and sick days, ajiri creates a simple request and approval process for your team along with a clear calendar showing all the time off across the company.


Here is why ajiri is the right HR app for serving your business team

peace of mind

No more inaccurate records, no more missing information. Easily access up to date employee information and records at anytime, anywhere.

HiGHER Productivity

Quickly receive and respond to HR requests through a simple and intuitive dashboard. Get time to focus on other tasks while keeping employees happy.


Happier employees are more engaged. Businesses with highly engaged employees boast an average *21% better profitability.
As a small company (4 employees) based in Nairobi, Kenya, I have to wear “many hats” and using ajiri hr software has made me more efficient.

It has become easier to take care of my team so they can in turn give our customers better service.

– Mercy namwenya
Ajiri HR software for happy business owners with clear employee records and leave management in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kenya

For a healthier, more productive workplace

Simple, Intuitive Team Management
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