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How we automate HR to make employees happier and business easier to run

What is Ajiri HR

Ajiri HR is a simple, intuitive HR software that focuses on simplifying human resource tasks so that as a business owner you are able to easily support and take care of your business team.

As an employee, Ajiri HR enables you to get your HR requests attended to quickly and in a straight forward manner.

You can now manage employee information and track leave days through Ajiri HR and we are continuously working on adding more features.

Who is behind Ajiri HR

Ajiri HR is developed by Paon Automation Limited.

Established in 2017 and based in Nairobi, Kenya, Paon Automation focuses on leveraging cloud technology and electronics to create intelligent, innovative, efficient, and low-cost technologies which simplify your daily life – or your customers’ lives.


The Idea behind Ajiri HR

As times change and the economic landscape becomes more competitive, every business naturally seeks ways to do more with less and in a nutshell become more efficient.

As small business owners ourselves we understand the hassle involved in making sure employees, who are a business’s greatest assets, are adequately supported so that they can in turn provide the best possible service to customers. At times business tasks become so numerous that it is possible to fail to respond to staff requests and other personnel related business tasks which translates into an unsatisfactory work environment for staff. Eventually this leads to a less effective business or burnout of an overworked business owner especially for small businesses who cannot hire dedicated HR staff.

So we thought of a solution to the above problems and that is how the idea of Ajiri hr was born.


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