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What is Leave Management?


Leave Management is the process of managing the employees time-off in a systematic, efficient and automated way. Though employees are expected to be on work all the time, they also need freedom to take time off for their personal or other reasons. Over-burdened employees become unproductive in a long run. So the employee’s presence and absence has to be managed in a balanced way for the long-term benefits of the organization.

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Managing employee leaves and attendance is one of the main tasks taken care of by HR and other managers. Preparing excel sheets, paper forms etc., every month manually is often tedious and error prone. Sometimes it is practically impossible if the organization has thousands of employees. It consumes a lot of time and reduces the productivity of both employees and their concerned managers.

So changing this whole manual process into an automated cloud based system is necessary for an organization to aid the efficient utilisation of resources and effective management. Also, leave management software practically eliminates disputes between managers and employees concerning both total used and available leave days.

The Ajiri HR Software has a leave management tool that creates a list of public holidays based on the location and policies. For instance, employee leave management software used in Nairobi by  companies in Kenya would automatically include Kenyan public holidays. Other available leaves of absence include sickness, annual, compassionate, study, parental and adoptive leave on a self-service basis.

This automated tool tracks and displays the company calendar which shows approved employee leave dates, leaves taken by an employee and current leave balance, all on the dashboard. The Ajiri HR Software also assists managers keep track of employee leaves by enabling one click reports; for example, through a simple process, a manager can generate an easy to read report that provides a leave balance summary for all company employees in either pdf or excel format.

Features of the Ajiri HR Leave Management System

One of the least organized aspects of the modern workplace is managing employee time off. Companies everywhere use email, spreadsheets, and sticky notes to play the game of requesting, approving, and tracking time out of the office. We have built in the following key features to make managing leave days easy and quick:

  1. Single Dashboard:

Once the employee logins into the tool, he/she can find the fully-designed dashboard with updated information like the list of updated public holidays, number of working hours, number of leaves and days taken, leave balances, extra leave days added from previous years and expiry leave dates.

You can get the full information at a single glance and it’s very easy to navigate through available fields for more details.

  1. Cloud based

All the encrypted data is stored directly in the cloud for easy access. There is no need to worry about the software installs, updates, error etc. All these hassles are removed and the employee can sign in into the tool from anywhere.

Data is refreshed and updated automatically after an action has been done. So the employee can view the updated data online immediately after logging in.

  1. Pre-filled fields:

While applying for leave, some fields get pre-filled like the public holidays. For instance an organization in Mombasa, Kenya can define the list of public holidays and the dates from the defined list gets auto populated while selecting.

Likewise, an employee from Kisumu can view the list of public holidays in Kisumu prior-hand in the dashboard and can plan for his vacation accordingly.

  1. Automatic Hierarchy workflow:

Once the request is raised, it is redirected to the concerned manager of the department. In case, he is not available, this request has to be redirected to the next manager as per the hierarchical flow. This systematic redirects reduces the confusions and also benefits requested employees with a reduced waiting period for approvals.

  1. Integration:

The Leave management is seamlessly integrated with other tools in the Ajiri HR Software like employee management software which allows them to work together to better facilitate employees and managers alike. Which means after proper integration, you can get all the required details of an employee in one place.

  1. Reporting:

Reports can be generated anytime they are required based on real-time tracking of the actions taken by the employee in a month or any specified duration. These reports provide insights on how to better manage leave days and how to properly coordinate leave taking between employees to ensure no job responsibilities are left unhandled.

  1. Alerts :

Whatever an action is taken by an employee, notifications are generated immediately and sent to the concerned person(s). In some cases notification are also sent to the manager and even colleagues. This acts as a reminder for concerned persons to respond to an action if required. It also allows the manager to stay updated and track any actions that occur.

How does an employee apply for a leave?

Whenever an employee seeks leave, he/she need not approach the manager directly with the letter of explanation, waiting for many days to get approval. All he has to do is just raise a leave request online mentioning the right purpose. Immediately the concerned manager is intimated about the request and the request is opened till further action is taken.

It depends on the manager to approve or reject the leave request depending on various factors. Whatever the status, real-time notifications are sent to the employees for their tracking. In case of sickness leave, notes of discussion with the manager are attached along with the request. Handover notes facility is also available with our software. A handover note is a brief document that describes the current jobs an employee going on leave is undertaking and provides all the necessary information to ensure the jobs/tasks can be properly delegated to a present employee while one is away on leave.

On-time tracking of leaves is beneficial for employees to check their leave balance from time-to-time, thus planning for future time off/vacation or for encashment of their extra leave hours etc… For managers, it becomes easy to know the absence of an employee prior-hand, so planning and allocation of resources can be done effectively without affecting the daily activities.


Here are some of the benefits of using the Ajiri HR Employee and leave management system

  • A robust and accurate employee information and action history for referral.
  • Can be accessed from anywhere at any time
  • Real time notifications and alerts through email
  • Fully secured cloud based model minimizing loss of information
  • Reduces manual input and saves a lot of time
  • Designed to help you meet the Kenyan legal compliances of your business
  • Improves employee organization & helps create a clear distinction between company and personal time
  • Reduces disputes between employees and colleagues due to input errors and wrong information caused by poor record keeping
  • Eases the work for HR administrators and other managers

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