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Ajiri HR allows you to manage and update employee information from anywhere quickly and simply. Find out why you should manage employee Information and how Ajiri HR helps you achieve this.

Why you should Manage Employee Information


When starting a business most people think of acquiring business assets such as office space, equipment and furniture. Hiring Employees normally comes last, sometimes as an afterthought, yet they are the most important part of your company. Great employees are priceless and can provide enormous value for your company.

As you build your company, start by taking good care of your people, also known as human capital. This will give you a sizable advantage over your competition.

Being able to resolve and address workplace employee issues or requests quickly goes a long way towards taking care of employees and building engagement. Engaged employees actually show up to work more punctually and do more work. According to the ‘State of the Global Workplace report’ by Gallup, highly engaged business units realize 41% lower absenteeism and 17% higher productivity. More productivity equals more profits for companies and businesses.

To easily and satisfactorily take care of your employees, meet associated legal or government requirements and address their needs and issues, it is important to have all the necessary personal and professional information related to their employment. It is also a plus to be able to access this information quickly and securely whenever it is needed while ensuring it is easy to update, so that employee management information stays accurate and up to date at all times. To achieve this, it’s always better to store all the details of a particular employee in a single secure location. The Employee management also has to be done carefully and systematically to avoid wasting time and mismatches.

If it sounds like a lot to do, it is. Worry not though, this is where an Employee Management Software yields big gains for your company. For organizations with both small and large numbers of employees, it’s never easy to handle personal and professional records manually or using Microsoft Excel. So, here comes the advantage of using automated software for storing and maintaining records. The Ajiri HR Employee Management Software is an online tool that runs in the cloud, built to easily and securely access, manage and update employee information from anywhere quickly and simply even with databases of thousands of employees.

How the Employee Management Software Tool works

Every employee who signs up creates a unique username that identifies the individual to the system for tracking purposes. The very first sign up for an account enters the company details and becomes the account owner. Then he/she can enter the personal and professional details.

So, all the details stored in the database are mapped to this unique username. At this point other company employees are best added to the company account via an invite which is sent to their company emails after which they can also add their personal and professional information.

Personal employee details stored in the database include a passport photo, the full names of the employee, place of residence, contact details, bank details, address proof details, dependants and next of kin details. There is no limit to the number of dependants entered under a single employee.

An employee can declare ‘n’ number of dependants under him/her. But the basic details of all the dependants like name, gender, date of birth and relationship are required to easily avail the benefits.

Professional details of an employee are also needed and pertain to the job position and legal contract. Job title, description, assigned manager, referee and training information is visible to both the employee and his supervisor. Other information includes the job terms such as starting salary, allowances and start dates as well as a copy of the actual contract.

The Employee management tool acts as a bridge between the employee and his manager with systematic updates and alerts. In this way, it ensures timely and accurate communication between an employee and his/her supervisor so that any assistance or support to the employee is promptly provided.

How Ajiri HR reduces the burden for HR Administrators

Employee Labor contract details like the start and end dates of the job position or project, job contract type, probation details, salary and allowance details are stored at the same place. HR assigned to an employee can view and process payroll on-time, so there is a less chance to get payroll related issues.

In case of a change in the employee information. Once the employees have entered the new details in the system. This information change request is sent to the HR Admin for approval after which it is updated. Any staff support issues or tickets raised are directly forwarded to HR staff for quick follow up then resolution and case request information is provided to all involved. Thus, managing employees becomes easier with the Ajiri HR Employee Management Software.

Updating the Employee’s data in real-time

Employee and Staff details once saved can be edited easily later through the Ajiri HR dashboard. Be it name, address change, bank account change, kin details change, all these can be updated immediately in real-time by both Staff and their HR supervisors; After the updating is done a notification is sent to both employee and HR supervisor advising the employee to view the information on the application and recheck if the entered data is correct or if other changes are required.

All these updates are recorded with a time stamp and logged. So, analysing audit logs gives a clear picture of all the changes made by an employee or the HR supervisor. There is absolutely no worry concerning duplicate records, as our software automatically detects duplicate entries and re-organizes them.

Acts as a Staff Directory

Because all the organization’s employee information is stored in the Ajiri HR employee management software, as company staff it is easy to view employee information such as the job position, job description and telephone contacts of other staff through the online dashboard with just one-click. We go to great lengths to ensure employee’s privacy as well, so only the basic details like name, job title, contact details of the searched employee are shown.

Getting together all the employees in a single platform enables improved communication among them. It allows co-workers to know each other better and it is highly useful for facilitating collaboration and conducting group tasks. This also reduces burden for supervisors at times when they are assisting hundreds of employees with tasks.

Why use Ajiri HR as your Employee Management Software?

Ajiri HR Employee Management Software fulfills all the requirements of the organization in managing employee information. Tedious Human Resource tasks are made easier and smarter with our tool. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Employees can access their records and request for support anytime and anywhere: Since all the information is stored in the cloud with one-click, there is no need to use spread-sheet for searching and updating. Reducing tedious tasks saves time and increases the productivity of employees in managing their time. Because Ajiri HR is online it can be accessed from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.
  • Instant Updating: Gone are the days, where making official changes to personal company information took hours and days to get approved. This tool provides automatic updating as the employee enters the data. All changes are logged, and time stamped so both old and new entries can be tracked by viewing the logs.
  • Creates a collaboration resource for employees: The staff directory provides a quick resource for obtaining colleague work information such as Job Title, description and even contacts, improving communication and allowing employees to know who is responsible for certain tasks, activities.
  • Simplifying HR Management tasks. Ajiri HR Allows HR managers to empower staff by performing common employee management tasks in systematic, easy and accurate way. Managers can approve/reject or respond to employee requests and notifications are sent for every action taken. Creating and downloading staff reports in pdf or excel format is also made easy to facilitate management decision making.
  • Information Accuracy and integrity. Information on the Ajiri HR is transmitted in encrypted form and backed up on the servers daily. This ensures that the chances of losing information are almost nonexistent compared to manual/paper records which sometimes have multiple duplicates, get lost or are hard to retrieve.

If you are looking for a Simple, Intuitive HR software focusing on people not paper, sign up for Ajiri HR. Your company is not a pile of papers in a cabinet. It’s a dynamic mix of people, projects and business where the people are your number 1 asset. Ajiri HR manages the required employee information and time off, vacation or leave days in a web-based exchange that your entire team will enjoy using. That means less paper, less wasted time and happier people and what’s more, you can access it anywhere on desktop, mobile or tablet and there is nothing to install. Start using it today.

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